Wrestlemania 2020

Wrestlemania 2020:  WWE finally confirmed what matches will take place on what nights when Pete Rosenberg and Corey Graves announced matches for the 1st night of WrestleMania 36 at the opening show. Despite all the talk about who deserves to be in the WWE, John Cena will return to WrestleMania to arrange this weekend and put Bray Wyatt on the Firefly Funhouse match.

Despite the fact that a victory today may not mean as much as it would six years ago, when young Wyatt was in an upset mood and was looking for this signature victory to truly establish himself as the future face of the company, he will become one of the most significant . reservation errors of the last decade.

Sena will work hard, as always, and will do everything in his power to make the Monster look like a force of nature, which he is.

Make no mistake, he will get his things anyway, and the location of the match may cause some of them to scratch their heads in confusion as to why Sina gets as many grievances as he does, but by the end of the Sen will improve the “Monster”. aura, putting it on in grand fashion.

WWE kept its line secret until WrestleMania programs aired in a curious motion, given that the broadcast would be available with pay-per-view over $ 35 per night. Equally surprisingly, Rosenberg and Graves were created to promote the event for free for new subscribers throughout the pre-show, undermining WWE’s ongoing attempt to return to pay-per-view business.

While talent is distributed relatively evenly on both nights, Night 2 seems to be a much stronger night with John Cena-The Fiend, Rhea Ripley-Charlotte Flair, Randy Orton-Edge and Drew McIntyre-Brock Lesnar. on Saturday to add to the WrestleMania map. The first is a single fight between Drew Gulak and Cesaro. Gulak joined Daniel Brian to fight Sami Zane, Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura, so it was a matter of time before the two clashed.

WWE WrestleMania is and has always been the “Showcase of the Immortals”, so the role of the industry’s largest stars in the show is an annual discussion.

This year, all part-time and returning icons such as John Cena, Edge, Undertaker and Goldberg, while full-time competitors such as Becky Lynch and Charlotte Fleur, hope to continue building their legacy on the Greatest Stage all of them.

What can fans expect from these artists when the 36th edition of the most exciting wrestling event kicks off at the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida?

Another match between Liz Morgan and Natalia. The two do not have a great story together, but both ladies were in the very last liquidation chamber, and whoever wins can use this momentum to compete for the possibility of participating in RAW among women after WrestleMania.

It was not confirmed on which days they will fall, but probably one of them will be on the starting shows. Much is expected to drop tonight, and a name change or two may happen. That’s all that happened on the first night of WrestleMania 36.

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