WrestleMania 36 Live

WrestleMania 36 Live: WWE WrestleMania 36 broadcast a very interesting broadcast, which increasingly turned into a masterpiece between Undertaker, in which he repeated his role in the role of American Badas, and AJ Styles. In the type of content that WWE needs to rely on, Undertaker and Styles involved in a tough war are shot with slippery cinematic shots to give it the epic feel they deserve.

WrestleMania, Night 1, also revealed that Brown Stroonman became the Universal champion with a victory over Goldberg, and Becky Lynch retained the Raw Women championship over Shayna Baszler.

Last week’s WWE Raw broadcast brought second place in weekend history, with just 1.924 million viewers participating. While Rob Gronkowski and Mojo Rowley were celebrating at the top of the perch in the middle of the show, R-Truth jumped into the frame. Gronk tried to hit and pin the Truth, but Rowley removed the former Patriots star and got 1-2-3. Rawley def. R-Pravda and Gronkowski will win the title

Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins: Rollins took on the early part of the match with a cheap throw before the two fought back and forth with tons of tokens and U-turns that would excite the crowd if someone were present. Rollins, looking for an easy way out, used the bell to hit Owens, as a result of which the referee canceled the match and awarded Owens a victory through disqualification. Owens then called Rollins, saying that it wasn’t easy for him to do away with things, and demanded that they continue without disqualification. Rollins agreed, returning to continue the attack on Owens, taunting: “You said you want a moment of WrestleMania ?!” Eventually, Owens used the same bell to capture the match before diving from the WrestleMania sign and letting Rollins through the announcement table with the help of a guard. After that, Owens needed time to pull Rollins into the ring, hit the stunner and pick up the victory. The lack of crowds added a bit to this match, as both men were constantly talking to each other, and this added anger to the battle, which otherwise might have missed. Owens Def. Rollins via pinfall – class: B +

Universal Championship – Goldberg (c) vs. Braun Strowman: a quick match, as expected, and one that could really use the crowd’s reaction. Goldberg hit with four spears, but his attempt to break a hammer on a large man was to confront the power sword. Strowman will strike three more before scoring a pin to become a universal champion in a very flat sprint. Strowman def. Goldberg with the help of Pinfall wins the title – Score: D +

Undertaker vs. AJ Styles (Boneyard Match): It was, as expected, WWE’s “cinematic experience”. The difficult entrance to the hearse in the cemetery was a turn, and styles were discovered, like in a coffin from behind. Undertaker came to the “match” on a motorcycle, and Metallica showed a video. The match turned into a fight, which stretched from the cemetery to the barn and to the roof of the barn, where Sticker, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows fought, as well as “Druids with hoods”. At one point, Styles had Tucker in an open grave before Tucker somehow materialized behind him. From that moment on, it was Undertaker as he was brutally styled before dropping him from the roof of the barn. Styles tried to apologize and begged Tucker not to bury him. Tucker said he wouldn’t because of the fight that Styles arranged before kicking him in the grave and using the tractor to fill the grave, winning the first fight on WWE. The experience was polite, banal and somehow incredibly interesting. It was not wrestling in any traditional sense of the word, but it was as successful as anything related to the Undertaker, possibly in 2020, and it was a success only in entertainment.

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