WrestleMania: The unique circumstances when WrestleMania 36 were taped from an empty WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida did not give fans any idea what to expect from the event. The situation was less than ideal, given the WWE’s decision to move on after postponing the show from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The first night of the two-week extravaganza exceeded any reasonable expectations thanks to the high quality of in-game action and one of the most bizarre, but fascinating matches in WWE history, which became the main event.

The Boneyard match between AJ Styles and Undertaker was a mysterious night. Fans included the WWE’s “cinematic experience”, which seemed like a budget version of Matt Hardy’s Broken Universe. In the evening there were also serious changes in the name, and Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins played qualitatively with the present “WrestleMania moment” for one of the men.

Among the key matches scheduled for Night 2, Brock Lesnar defends his WWE championship against 2020 Royal Rumble winner Drew McIntyre, Edge meets Randy Orton in the last man match, and John Cena fights Bray Wyatt in the Firefly Funhouse match. Keep reading to find out the results of the night action battle below. The start of the WrestleMania 36 show will begin on Sunday evening at 6 p.m. ET on the WWE network when the main card starts at 19:00. CBS Sports will be with you live again on Sunday, providing updates and highlights while the action is on the Immortals Showcase.

Two had a solid but short match. Gulak failed and took offense at Cesaro, and then threw him into the ring twice. Cesaro’s European uppercut, which turned the tide, opposed the attempt to take off, ultimately leading to the finish line when Cesaro turned the plane over without arms. Too short to be good, too well executed to be bad. Cesaro def. Hook Through Pinfall – Grade: C

Women’s Team Championship – Kabuki Warriors (c) vs. Alex Bliss and Nikki Cross: An amazingly tough match between four rivals opened the show with some big spots all over. Cross had to break through the last double team, which included Asuka and Kairi Sane, hitting a powerful bomb and diving forearm before delivering the Bliss mark. From there, Bliss got to her second swirling bliss in the match, securing Seina and winning titles in the process. This is the second time a duet with titles. Bliss and Kabuki Warriors Cross through Pinfall to win titles – Score: B-

King Corbin vs. Elias: Corbin was the first in the ring, demanding that he be declared the winner of the penalty after the attack on Elias eight days ago. Elias headed for the ring, shocked Corbin, and then hit him with his guitar. Corbin rallied to beat Elias, demanding that Michael Cole and JBL in the comments acknowledge how well he did. Corbin tried to use the ropes for leverage on a late pin, falling into the trap of the referee. When he protested, Elias scored a bundle, holding pantyhose to win a match that was too long for a combination of styles. Elias Def. Corbin through the pin – Rating: C-

Raw Women’s Championship – Becky Lynch (c) vs. Shaina Basler: Lynch and Basler make heavy matches with punches and attempts to subordinate, creating a feeling of struggle, not struggle. It was for the best when it comes to Basler’s main qualities, as she spent most of the match taking a serious insult to the champion. Lynch was forced to repeatedly counteract Basler’s attempts to block Kirifuda’s clutch. In the end, it was Lynch who defeated Lynch. Having returned the classic result of Bret Hart against Roddy Piper to WrestleMania XIII, Lynch rolled back through the hold to press Bassler’s shoulders to the mat for a bowling victory. Lynch left the match, looking strong, but Basler, who had lost her first shot in the title, should give some pause to anyone who thinks she was an unmistakable star on the main list. Lynch. Baszler via pinfall to retain title – Rating: B-

Intercontinental Championship – Sami Zane (s) vs. Daniel Bryan: the match history was almost entirely Zane begging Drew Hulak to let him go, avoiding contact at all costs. In the end, Brian was able to trick Zane into a fight in which he almost completely dominated. Zane begged Brian to stop before Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro distracted him. After Brian hit Nakamura and Cesaro on a suicidal dive, he went to the top rope, but was caught by Zayn’s Helluva Kick, leading to a trap victory and successful title defense. The match told a pretty good story in accordance with the last weeks of action, but there is a certain feeling of disappointment that Zane and Brian could not go out and put on the match they are capable of with their elite skills.

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